A downloadable game

Python3 + Pygame module is required to run game

I will add a guide next version on how to install these. It is not hard if you are used to these kind of things. You can try it out yourself.

Open Source / Collaborative Public Manner

It might look naiv, at least for now, but I would love to have an open project that other who happen to like the game can contribute to it


An overambitious game with a big abstract idea. Trying to add one piece a time. Focus on having an early playable and fun version an base and adding part by part and never compromise the player experience hoping later version will be better (been there).

  • Open world

    An random generated world. A wasteland. Even with most town deserted there should be some functional towns. Even thou the world is open there should be domains base on a "required" skill level to have a practical chance to pass.
  • Travel, Quest and Buildning temporary camps

    Big part of the game is to travel to towns doing quest. The actual travel should always be 'in-game' (fast travel/teleport could be a thing to make sure no annoying backtracking). During nights monsters come and you have to build a camp of defense. Food is an issue as well.
  • Home base

    Just having to build camps that are soon to be deserted will miss you out on have a recurring big base project. You will have a house to look after. Why? I do not know yet, maybe for research techniques?
  • Boss defense

    There should be dedicated spots on map where a base must be build where the monsters are getting stronger each night. This could be like trying to cast a spell on a spot that takes several in-games days.
  • Big boss

    There is an end boss to this game. I want to have the game on a timer where the boss has to be defeated before time runs out. If boss is defeated within this time. Game is beaten!
  • Misc

    I will try to add more content. Finding old temples with traps and a reward if you can beat the temple. Finding other travelers in conflict on the road and interact with them. Merchandiser.
  • One life? Save files?

    This is an hard choice since having just one life can make you lose a lot of work. If you know your progress i saved it feels more inviting to actual the game. Save files can ruin the game because hard choices (ex: what chest do I open) in game is not so hard if can be reverted. A lot of trail and error that makes some of the fun of the game disappear. I am aiming to have a snapshot function that is being overwritten time after time

Install instructions

Python3 + Pygame module requried

run run.py


byof_v_a1_0.zip 136 kB